Our part-baked and frozen pastry line is inspired by Balkan traditional cuisine. We were astonished to realise how sophisticated a simple recipe could become if we consciously take care about the sourcing of raw materials and meticulously balance the proportion of ingredients. Our products are handmade and clean label. They do have rich filling of at least 70%, which is made of fresh fruits and vegetables. Go ahead and find more about Roza products.


Roza Pastry with Apples & Walnuts

Sweet pastry with fresh apples filling and walnuts.

Roza Pastry with Pumpkin & Walnuts

Roza Pastry with Pumpkin & Walnuts

Roza Pastry with Carrots & Walnuts

Sweet pastry with carrots.


Roza Pastry with White Brine Cheese

Pastry with traditional bulgarian white brine cheese.

Roza Pastry with Brine Cheese & Olives

Pastry with greek Kalamata olives.

Roza Pastry with Leek

Pastry with delicious freshly baked leek.